Making Small Business Succeed Through Digital Marketing

We at Onlinko believe all businesses need good marketing with less budget. We believe with digital marketing businesses could scale-high and reach more clients globally.

Why Small Business Need Digital Marketing

It may come as no surprise that the marketplace has become increasingly more digital as technology continues to evolve. The benefits of digital marketing are becoming more prevalent every day. More and more consumers are researching and buying products online. According to Forbes, 82% of consumers conduct research online. And, Tech Crunch reports that 79% of people shop online.

So how do you reach these consumers? Here’s the answer: digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the most powerful form of marketing.

Digital marketing has the potential to transform the way that you reach and engage your customers.

Digital marketing is the most measurable form of marketing.

How do you know if your marketing is working?

The only way to know for sure is to measure your success over time. While it can be difficult to track the success of a traditional marketing campaign like a radio advertisement or mailer, every digital marketing tactic that you use is measurable. This benefit is every reason why you need to invest into digital marketing.

One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that it allows you to target your ideal buyers.

When you purchase billboard space or place an ad in a magazine, you’re taking a shot in the dark that this messaging will reach its intended audience. Though there are certainly ways to increase your chances of success with traditional marketing tactics, it just doesn’t offer the same targeting capabilities as digital marketing.

With digital marketing, you can ensure that the right consumers are viewing your content. SEO allows you to reach those consumers who are searching the web for content and topics that are relevant to your business. While pay-per-click, display, and social media advertising enables you to target those who are most likely to be interested in your products or services based on demographic information and general characteristics.


Our mission is to help small business owners, professional services providers and consultants streamline their marketing approach, increase revenue and scale strategically through the use of digital marketing.

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